The H.N.A.R.C.  Mission Statement

The stated purpose of the Haldimand Norfolk Amateur Radio Club is to promote public interest in Amateur Radio communications, experimentation and the advancement of the art and science of radio.

The H.N.A.R.C. holds regular public meetings, engages in radio sport and community activities to promote the club's activities.

The H.N.A.R.C. will prepare and avail itself to provide emergency communications, assisting local government and public assistance services when called upon to do so to the best of its ability.

Club Meetings

The Haldimand Norfolk Amateur Radio club has regular club meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at 07:30 p.m. at the N.A.C.L. building located at 644 Ireland Road, Simcoe.  If you would like additional information regarding our club, meeting activities, please contact any member of our executive by e-mail.

Club Repeater

The H.N.A.R.C. members own and operate a club 2 meter repeater open to all licensed amateur radio operators. The repeater callsign is VE3HNR and also supports an IRLP node 2405.

The repeater frequency is 147.075 +600 with a P.L. of 131.8

H.N.A.R.C. Membership

For membership information, please contact our membership chairperson  Gerry O'Robko @

To apply for membership in the H.N.A.R.C., please complete the Membership Application and forward to Gerry O'Robko. The executive will review the application for membership. After approval has been given, then Gerry will contact the applicant for the membership fee. Regular member is $30 per year, Family membership is $35 per year. Members that have let their membership expire will be required to complete and submit a Membership Application for review and approval.

Haldimand Norfolk Amateur Radio Club Membership Application


 Name:                                                      Call Sign:

Address:                                                    City:                              


Province:                                                   Postal Code:

Phone Number:                                         E-Mail:

Amateur License Class: □ Basic    □ Basic w / Honours    □ Advanced


If licensed within the previous 2 years, name and callsign of the examiner or club. _______________________________________

My interest’s are:

□ H.F. - SSB

□ Satellite

□ H.F. – C.W.

□ Kit building


□ Contesting


□ Mentoring


□ Need Mentoring

□ Repeaters

□ Mobile communications


□ Field Day


 □ Q.R.P.


Membership – □  Single  rate $___________

                           □ Family  rate $___________


Date: (yyyy/mm/dd): _________________________________

Haldimand Norfolk Amateur Radio Club

Privacy Disclosure and Consent

The Haldimand Norfolk Amateur Radio Club has adopted a Privacy Policy that we believe is consistent with the Personal lnformation Protection Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The full policy document is available on the club's web page at

A written copy may be obtained by requesting one from the club Secretary.

ln summary, the club collects information that we feel we require to facilitate your enjoyment as a member. We safeguard that information and promise to not disclose it without your informed consent. The club will not sell or lease your contact information.
We will not release your contact information to any other third party without your consent.
lf you have provided an e-mail address, we will use it to send you club related messages, including newsletters and bulletins. Your e-mail address will not be visible to any other recipient. Please read the following carefully and give consent where agreeable.


The Haldimand Norfolk Amateur Radio Club (H.N.A.R.C.) requires that all members agree to abide by the clubs' Code of Conduct. The full document is available on our website,


HNARC members shall not do anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult, humiliate or discriminate against any other person on the grounds of gender, race, disability, age, religious or political belief. sexual orientation, social background, ethnic origin, education, language marital or civil partnership status or medical condition.

□ I give consent to have my call sign and name included in the HARC Members Directory.

□ l give consent to have my phone number included in the l.lARC Member's Directory.

□ I give consent to have my address included in the HARC Member’s Directory.
□ I give consent to have my e-mail address given to other HARC members when requested.

□ I give consent to have my phone number given to other HARC members when requested.

□ I give consent to have my image published in the club newsletter and / or web page.


□ l, the undersigned, have read and accept the terms above, and agree to abide by the Haldimand Norfolk Amateur Radio Club membership code of conduct

Signature of member:                                                                                    Date: