The R.A.C. Canadian Portable Operations Challenge Starts July 1

The RAC Canadian Portable Operations Challenge begins on July 1 and will run until December 31. In 2022 and beyond, the RAC Challenge will run year-round.  
This new annual program for RAC members celebrates and encourages operating away from home. Radio Amateurs of Canada has created a system of monthly, annual and lifetime awards intended to encourage you to set up temporary stations at interesting locations across Canada.  
If you are interested in participating in programs encouraging portable operations – such as Quebec Parks On The Air (QcPOTA), Parks On The Air (POTA), Islands on the Air (IOTA), Summits on the Air (SOTA) and the Lighthouses/Lightships Weekend – or activating grids for satellite, VHF+ or microwave operating, the RAC Challenge will not only encourage you to continue with these activities, but also reward you for doing so.    
The RAC Challenge operates on the honour system and RAC members can easily participate by completing an online form after each activity, but anyone can view the monthly and annual leaderboards. Top scoring participants each month and each year will be able to download certificates recognizing their achievements.
You can find complete information about the program and how to participate at the link provided below. Please take pictures and provide us with stories of your portable operating adventures. These can be easily contributed via the RAC website using the 
Member Stories form.
We wish you good luck, safe travels and please follow the guidelines provided by the government and health officials wherever you are going.
Complete details on the RAC Challenge can be found at:

Island Activator's are at it AGAIN!  Check out this link for up to date action! 

Get your portable station ready to go....