Voice Repeater Use Policy


 The Haldimand Norfolk Amateur Radio Club ( H.N.A.R.C. ) owns and runs one mobile voice repeater. We run an I.R.L.P. node - 2405. Currently the repeater : VE3HNR - I.R.L.P. node are co-located at a Norfolk County Communications center. Our co-locate site has emergency 24/7 generator back up power.  This repeater can be deployed for H.N.A.R.C. sponsored events as required. It will be available for emergencies and emergency exercises.  I.R.L.P.: - This linking system is world wide using the Internet as the intermediate link between amateur radio club repeaters.


 The policy of the H.N.A.R.C. is that the repeater is open to all licensed amateur operators, but precedence will be given to H.N.A.R.C. sponsored events and activities such as but not limited to A.R.R.L. Field Day, event talk in, etc. as well as emergency exercises and emergencies. H.N.A.R.C. approved events by other clubs or groups may also be held on the club repeater subject to conforming to our guidelines. We have tried to keep this policy simple and it will not cover all possible scenarios. The following is the current usage policy for VE3HNR: - Stand alone ( fairly wide coverage area ) - I.R.L.P. link With the primary emergency response in mind, I.R.L.P. use, general amateur use, VE3HNR should not be used for extended transmissions such as long nets and similar distributions not directly connected with the club.  Event committee chairmen should make every effort to try to avoid scheduling conflicts and conform to the guidelines. Repetitive events and nets should avoid prime operating times such as the early morning and evening commute to and from work. Non club sponsored event and activity scheduling will generally be done by having the technical committee make a recommendation to the executive. A one time event may be directly referred to the executive for approval. Scheduling of events on VE3HNR, I.R.L.P., should be done with consultation of Paul Fleck, VE3WM.  The duration of approved non club nets should be no longer than 30 to 45 minutes. Special events of long duration may be considered on an individual basis. 

H.N.A.R.C. - I.R.L.P. – Node 2405

The Haldimand Norfolk Amateur Radio club supports an I.R.L.P. node with its 2 meter repeater. The Internet Radio Linking Project is also known as the I.R.L.P. system . It provides communication between two repeaters that have I.R.L.P. equipment attached. The interlinking media is the internet, thus the system uses VOIP – Voice Over Interment Protocol. There are many repeaters so equipped and are throughout the world.

The primary use of our I.R.L.P. is to perform a one on one connection to another Repeater Node. To connect to another Node, announce your intentions by giving your call sign and the fact that you are going to use the I.R.L.P.. Enter the Node Number of the Repeater Node you wish to connect to via your radio’s keypad. Wait for the system to announce a successful connection. You may now call other stations on the connected repeater. To terminate the connection, enter 73 via your radio’s keypad. The system will announce the disconnection. Complete your use by giving your call sign and that you have ended your use of the I.R.L.P.

A detailed description of the I.R.L.P. system and the nodes that are available to be connected to are available from http://www.irlp.net .

Another use of the I.R.L.P. is to connect to “Reflectors” which are servers that manage the connection of many I.R.L.P. Nodes connected together at the same time. This use requires additional considerations which are fully explained on the I.R.L.P. net web site. This I.R.L.P. net web site also details which nodes are currently connected to a particular Reflector. Local conversations on our repeater is to be avoided when connected to a Reflector as many repeater stations potentially throughout the world will hear the local chatter. Our club would prefer that such use be minimized as it can tie up our repeater for extended periods of time.

Prepared by

Doug, VE3DVC       Node 2405 Sponsor

July 22, 2021