Executive members for 2022

Past President – 2020 to 2022 : Douglas Craig, VE3DVC

Doug has been an amateur since 1995 and a member of the club since 1997. He holds an Advanced Class certificate with a 12 wpm Code endorsement. Doug enjoys HF Nets and cw on HF. His current rig is a Yaesu FT-897 with ALS-600 PA and MFJ Versa Tuner feeding a Fan Dipole for 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres up 12 metres in an inverted V configuration.
Doug supports a Pi APRS Digipeater station using Xastir software. He also supports a Pi Packet Station using LinBPQ software.
Doug enjoys building antennas, electronic support equipment and has updated the club’s IRLP for use on its repeater.
Doug encourages all to have fun with amateur radio, keep an open mind and never stop learning.

 President - 2022 to 2024: Paul Brown, VE3SU

I work all bands from the north shore of Lake Erie. My QTH is located half way between Selkirk and Dunnville, Ontario on the water's edge of Lake Erie.  After 41 years and two weeks, I retired from the Fire Service.

These days, I stay active doing community service for the County of Haldimand. 

My primary interest is HF radio and short wave listening. I am proud to say I have not one, but two fully operational stations on our two acres of paradise.  Check out my Web Page at www.ve3su.com

Treasurer - 2022 to 2024: Gerry Orobko, VE3DYY

My first influence with Amateur Radio started in Boston Ontario where I grew up in the 50’s. A friend of the family Ve3AWN gave me my first exposure to Amateur Radio at the age of seven. My dad Fred VA3ERF was a wireless operator in WWII. We moved to London Ontario where at Beal Tech High School there was an Amateur Radio station. This allowed me to use the station under supervision.

In 1970 I attended the Radio College of Canada, where I again met a fellow ham that taught me about Amateur Radio.

I wrote my Basic Amateur Radio exam in 1971 and soon after was on the air with my Heath kit Receiver and a transmitter, DX 40, I made my first contact.

In 1972 I wrote my Advanced Radio exam and I have enjoyed this hobby since then. It is hard to believe I have been on the air for 50 years.

I joined this club in the late 70’s and now reside in Turkey Point On. Being on the executive as President for four years and now I am now Treasure of the Haldimand Norfolk Amateur Radio Club. I have watched this club grow to 30 members over the years.

Other hobbies include being an active musician most of my life, and became a private pilot in 1975. Scuba Diving and Motorcycling also were strong interests. My wife Linda VE3LMA and my son Jeff VE3JVO are also ham operators.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy this hobby as much as I have. Over the years I have made a lot of life long friends in this hobby.

73, from the desk of

Gerry O’Robko VE3DYY

Secretary - 2022 to 2024: Gary Mills, VE3NYP

Licensed since December1982 as a basic amateur, then successfully wrote the Advanced exam in 1987.
Having been a member of the club since 1989 I have held the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer for a number of years.
I have also been net controller for many club Monday evening net over the years and also participate in the daily CanAm 40 meter net.
I became involved with 2 meter packet radio and set up a full W0RLD BBS station which ran for
several years and still maintain an operational packet station on 145.01 MHz.
I thoroughly enjoy our "Field Day" activities and have participated in at least 10 Field Days over the years.
Presently I am the secretary of the Haldimand Norfolk Amateur Radio Club.

Technical Director - 2022 to 2024: Gary Copeland, VE3GCK

I became licensed in 2006 after my initial venture in radio with a crystal radio that I helped my brother build. My interest in this new hobby carried me into C.B. radio like many other operators.

I took up the challenge of sailing around the world but without a "HAM" license having to utlize "SSB Marine Radio" instead.

Upon my return to Canada, after a lengthy around the world trip, I investigated Amateur Radio again. I bought a book for beginners and studied for one week, non-stop and passed the written exam, obtaining my Basic license! WOW!!! I went for my Advanced license a year later and passed it after two weeks of studying.

I have had the opportunity to be a Designated Examiner and have helped 24 new "HAMS" including my son, who at the time was 9 years old (youngest licensed "HAM" in Canada, at the time) obtain their licenses.

I enjoy this hobby and promote its benefits to everyone I meet.

Director - 2022 to 2024: Paul Fleck, VE3WM

Having worked in the telecommunications field for over 40 years I have had many wonderful experiences and count one of those "ongoing" experiences as Amateur Radio.  I found that there are many hobbies, but none quite as engaging as Amateur Radio! I worked very hard to get my license with a lot of help from Glenn Gibson, (VE3FHQ - SK) back in 1987. I have had the opportunity to live and work in 40 countries around the world in the field of communications making friends in some of the most remotest parts of the planet. There is so much to learn in this hobby that one will never get bored.  I experiment with building and testing Magnetic Loop Antenna's, experimenting with Poynting theorem and propagation modelling. I hope you obtain as much enjoyment from this hobby as I have over the past 35 years!